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Beyond books — whether it’s toddler story time, after-school programs, public gatherings, or electronic-device classes for seniors, the Grand County Library is “home base” for so many good and necessary things in our community. The Grand County Library Foundation helps to make this possible — Jill Miles

The Grand County libraries are a cornerstone in the culture of our communities. My sons grew up enjoying the library as a rich haven for books and reading, information and friendly, knowledgeable assistance in answering their questions. Once our Grand County children make this connection with the essence of libraries they carry it with them in using libraries throughout their lives — Mary Anne Wilcox

In the past, the Grand County Library Foundation has been instrumental in fundraising and supporting the libraries in our communities. In rural areas such as ours, there are few places to gather to share information and ideas. GCLF has helped to secure and improve these much needed spaces for the betterment of all age groups. — Kim Jensen